Sub-zero cryotherapy chamber deep freezes the pain

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a process of cooling a persons skin down to as close to 32 degrees Fahrenheit as possible in a 2-3 minute period. This is done by surrounding the body with air at temperatures varying anywhere from negative -90C to -120C (-184F). 

During this fast cooling process, the body enters temporarily into survival mode triggering the body’s natural healing mechanisms as though it were freezing. Blood will then be sent to the body’s core in order to become warmed and become highly oxygenated. This will trigger a protective response that releases adrenaline, endorphins and other hormones into your body. This results in many beneficial effects including pain relief, increased blood circulation, increased collagen production, reduction of inflammation & swelling, increased weight loss & caloric burn and several other positive effects.

Jennifer West, from the Chill and Heal Spa, "When you get in just pretend that you are in the coldest room in your house with basically no clothes on and someone has left the window open."

But why? Why would you want to expose your body to negative 202 degrees Fahrenheit?

West, "Once your get inside the chamber the body goes into an adrenaline response and when that happens your body is pulling all its blood from your extremities to your core because it thinks you are freezing."

Feels like rubbing ice all over my body right now. Kind of what it feels like, but the chill will soon fade into numbness and then a feeling like pins and needles. All worth it for the benefits.

West, "For three minutes your are getting highly oxygenated blood that's just circulating through your core. When your three minutes is up your body releases that and does a self check and says what is hurt."

As you begin to heat back up your body distributes the highly oxygenated blood, endorphins, and nutrients to injured parts of your body. From rheumatoid arthritis, to fibromyalgia, or just muscle soreness braving the cold to reach what some call a runners high or euphoric feeling is totally worth it. 

West, "I have to talk myself into doing it every single day because it is really really cold but you get in because you know how well you are going to feel once you get out."

The whole body cryotherapy chamber is only one of many treatments available at the Chill and Heal Spa. To learn more visit there website: or Facebook:



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