Texarkana TX approves $14 million budget for projects

Texarkana, Tx - Texarkana, Texas city council approved a budget for 11 new projects.

"These are big projects that we couldn't fit in our normal budget and we are really excited to get started on those for 2017" says Public Information Officer Lisa Thompson.


The budget for the capital improvement plan is $14.4 million dollars.

One of the projects in the plan is to turn the Texarkana Texas Police Department training center into a training facility for starting officers in north east Texas.

"We want to be a regional hub for police training" says Thompson.


The city will also make changes to local parks.

Not only are they replacing play ground equipment but they are adding extra lights so people can enjoy tournament baseball games, which is a major attraction to the city.


"In the end they're going to get great benefits from the needed improvements we are doing" says Thompson.


The city also has a street improvement plan and asks for the community to be patient while construction goes on.


City officials say most of the projects in the plan are already underway.




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