Third grade students give PSA's on African American history

PSA's on African American history

Hope, AR - The Clinton Primary School is spreading history by doing,  black history moments, public service announcements.
"Students research characters from history, we started from slavery to freedom, then we cover the civil rights movement, we move from there to current and then we tie in the presidential election," said Alvis Conway, gifted and talented teacher at Clinton Primary School.
Students pick from various categories to research like sports, science and freedom fighters.
Conway says, "well I think it helps them identify with characters as they look at videos from the past."
The students then write and pre-record a summary about a famous person from history, which is played for the whole school during the morning announcements.
The students get to choose who they want to research for the project.
Camden Green found common ground with Satchel Page.
"He like baseball and I like baseball, I'm pretty sure he likes sports because why would he play a sport if he doesn't like sports, and I like sports," said at Camden Green, student at Clinton Primary School.
"I like science a lot and George Washington Carver was a scientist and that's why I decided to do him for my black history," said Brayden Russell, student at Clinton Primary School.
"Fredrick Douglass, something amazing he escaped, he had been in slavery since he was little kid and escaped at age 20," said Brian Jimenez, student at Clinton Primary School.
The mini-history lesson the children record also make it out to the community through local radio stations.

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