Unbeatens ready to battle in College World Series

LSU and Oregon State gearing up for baseball showdown

The 2017 College World Series got under way on Saturday as Oregon State rallied to defeat Cal State Fullerton, 6-5, in the first of four opening weekend games. In the nightcap, LSU came back to beat Florida State 5-4 and earn a spot against the Beavers in the winners bracket on Monday.




Oregon State and LSU will face off at 6:00 p.m. 

LSU is riding a 17 game winning streak and Oregon State's streak stands at 22.

The showdown between the streaks will likely establish a clear-cut favorite heading into the homestretch of the College World Series. The winner will earn three days off before getting two chances to clinch a spot in the College World Series Finals.

In the elimination bracket, Cal State Fullerton will play Florida State at 1:00 p.m.

Day 2 of the College World Series took place on Sunday as Louisville beat Texas A&M 8-4 and Florida defeated TCU 3-0.

Here's a breakdown of the brackets and games and how they work. 


Bracket 1  
Game 1: Oregon St. vs. CSU Fullerton                             Oregon State, 6-5 3:00 PM                 6/17/17
Game 2: LSU vs. Florida State                                          LSU 5-4 8:00 PM                 6/17/17
Game 5: Elimination Bracket: Cal State Fullerton vs. Florida State

2:00 PM                 6/19/17

Game 6: Winners' Bracket: Oregon State vs. LSU 7:00 PM                 6/19/17
Game 9: winner of Game 5 vs. Loser of Game 6 7:00 PM                 6/21/17
Game 11: winner of Game 6 vs. Winner of Game 9 3:00 PM                 6/23/17
*If necessary TBD                       6/24/17
Bracket 2  
Game 3: Louisville vs. Texas A&M                                      Louisville, 8-4 2:00 PM                6/18/17
Game 4: Florida vs. TCU                                                     Florida, 3-0 7:00 PM                6/18/17
Game 7: Elimination Bracket: loser of Game 3 vs. loser of Game 4 2:00 PM                6/20/17
Game 8: Winners' Bracket: winner of Game 3 vs. winner of Game 4

7:00 PM                6/20/17

Game 10: winner of Game 7 vs. loser of Game 8 8:00 PM                6/22/17
Game 12: winner of Game 8 vs. winner of Game 10 8:00 PM                6/23/17
*If necessary TBD                       6/24/17
CWS Finals: winner of Bracket 1 vs. Winner of Bracket 2

Begins 7:00 PM    6/26/17


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