Vital need for minority bone barrow donors

Shreveport, La. - Jasmine Sewell was diagnosed with bone caner in February of 2014. She and her fiance, Marcus Price, had planned their wedding for September of 2017 but moved up the date after Jasmine was given a prognosis in 2016 of less than a year to live.

Jasmine and Marcus were married February 11, 2017 and many of their guests gave a present to Jasmine by registering as bone marrow donors.

Jasmine has stopped responding to treatments and now needs a bone marrow or stem cell transplant to survive.

Be the Match signs people up to be bone marrow and stem cell donors but there is a shortage of minority donors. The match between the donor and recipient is largely based on genetics an ancestry so the likelihood of a non minority donor being able to help Jasmine is very slim.

The sign up is easy, just a cheek swab, and the donation of stem cells is a process similar to giving blood. Infant recipients can need actual bone marrow which is taken from the bone with a needle but the patient is sedated and most people only feel a bit sore after the procedure.

Jasmine is asking anyone not registered to sign up, and act as if it were their loved ones that needed the transplant.



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