Voters head to the polls for the runoff election

CADDO PARISH - Candidates are relying on voters to get to the polls and cast their votes.
"The Commissioners got here at 6:30 this morning and the custodians, they opened the precinct up and set the machines up," says Mike Spence, Caddo Parish Clerk of Court.
Beatrice Griffin has served as Commissioner for the last 15-years.
"We have the fellowship and meeting people and helping them with the questions they have about voting, it's just wonderful experience," says Beatrice Griffin, Commissioner.
Her role is to check identification before people can vote.
"We keep a record of who comes to vote. We start out by getting their id and checking the book to see if they are registered here. Then we double check by putting them twice in poll books. Then they are eligible to vote," says Griffin.
As well as make sure no one votes who isn't supposed to.
"We did have that at the last election, trying to vote twice and one person even came out and hadn't registered and tried to vote," says Griffin.
There were no major issues with voting this election besides lighting.
"We had one precinct with some dim lights. That's the biggest problem we've had today," says Spence.
You have until 8:00 p.m. to get to the polls.
"If you're in line, the commissioner usually gives a card to the last voter at 8:00. When that voter votes, that's the end of the day," says Spence.

Candidates are relying on voters to get to the polls and cast their votes.

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