Why we at NBC 6 News Salute The Badge

Thursday evening NBC 6 will honor those who protect our communities

The idea was born out of tragedy.

"It was a divisive time after Officer LaValley was shot," recalled Mark McKay, KTAL General Manager.

Officer Thomas LaValley's death made us realize we all needed to truly know who was protecting us, not just their names.

"We really wanted to reach out and and tell the story behind the story of the cops and all first responders," said McKay.

And for 18 months we have.

Like Morris County Sheriff's Deputy Willie Henderson, who coaches youth football when he's not protecting his community.

"Despite everything that's going on and said about law enforcement we got kids. We love our kids. We love our families just like everybody else," said Deputy Henderson.

Or Deputy John Byrd who has been handing out Thanksgiving turkeys to drivers in Webster Parish for decades.

"We've stopped several people over the last four years that really needed it. That gives us a blessing as well," said Byrd.

Or those like former Shreveport Corporal Breck Scott who received his own blessing after being pinned under a truck while fighting crime.

"Next thing you know this guy comes over and helps he pick the truck up. Well she lets go and comes and drags me out from underneath it. She helps me get out from underneath it," recalled Scott. "She says well, ok you can let the car down now once they did, she looks up and the guy was gone."

"The feedback that we've gotten from viewers and from officers has been just phenomenal," said McKay. "It's really one of the things that makes you feel good doing what we do."

Feel good stories like Captain Don Gibbs, a radio DJ when not working for the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office.

Or his co-worker Captain Latienda Davis, a pageant queen, a real life miss congeniality.

Or Assistant Chief of Training Danny Asbell with the Bossier Fire Department, who saves lives and souls as a pastor.

"It really is about people. And it's people doing their jobs. Their jobs just happen to be protecting us and serving us," said McKay, "And telling about the struggles that they go through and the sacrifices that they go through to keep people safe.

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