Winfield police department closing

Patrols in city have ceased

WINFIELD, Tx -  A Northeast Texas police department has shut down and officials say alcohol sales are to blame.  
Winfield Mayor Hoyt Scogin says when residents in neighboring city Mount Pleasant recently voted in alcohol sales, revenue in Winfield, a city that already sold alchohol, dropped about fifty percent.  Now the area will be patrolled by Titus County deputies. 
Mayor Scogin said, "Some of the older people, you know, they're more interested in it because they don't feel quite as safe.  I say, look out, you're gonna see a deputy's car passing every once in a while and if we need them, we can call them."  Titus County Sheriff Tim Ingram said, "If they need somebody, when they call 911, they'll still get us."
Winfield's mayor says the city's part-time chief is overseeing details of the police department's closure, which could take months.


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