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Wireless patch provides reliable data on arrhythmias

Proven to detect arrhythmias in just one test, the ZIO XT heart monitor is removing the old clunky models.

Dr.  Ryan Master, cardiologist at WillIs Knighton Pierremont, "The key factor one it's easy for the patients to wear. They are able to keep it on the entire time and not taking it off and not wanting to put it back on. The extended beat to beat analysis ensures that we're not missing anything while the patient is wearing it."

Extending the duration to 14 days allows doctors to pick up symptoms that are normally missed after the initial 24 to 48 hours.

Dr. Masters, "They just presses the button right here they wear it right here on their chest. They feel something going on palpitations, fluttering, light headed, chest pains, they simply just press the button. They can also write down the symptoms that they're having at the time or not and we're able to indicate when the patient had X symptom."

The ZIO XT has a database containing over 150 million hours of cardiac rhythms and reports. It may sound extensive, but it's an easy for process for the patients.

Pat Spigener, ZIO XT patient, "Really don't know it's there. Press down on the tape part every now and then to make sure it doesn't fall off, but you really don't feel it and don't see it usually. So it's been very simple."

After two weeks doctors have a detailed and comprehensive report to make their diagnose even if you forget to document your symptoms.

Ms. Spigener, "If you don't press the button I understand it will record and when it's read then it will be caught especially for someone like me who doesn't follow instructions real well."

If you would like to to learn more about the ZIO XT visit: http://www.irhythmtech.com/


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