Recognizing signs of depression

By Jacque Jovic |

Published 08/12 2014 04:09PM

Updated 08/12 2014 04:24PM

With the tragic death of famed actor and comedian Robin Williams, many people are wondering what signs to look for if you or someone you know is depressed or suicidal.

Dr. Geetika Dembla, Assistant Professor of Psychology at University Health, says some of the symptoms of depression are: fatigue, suicidal thoughts, social withdrawal, sleep changes, hearing voices, feeling worthless or guilty.

She also says women are more likely to be diagnosed than men.

"Depression could be under diagnosed in men. I think we're in a society where it's okay for women to cry but not so much for men,” adds Dr. Dembla. “And so men may be less likely to admit that they're depressed or recognize or realize."

For help, call the Suicide Prevention Helpline at 318-221-3989 or click here to find more help at Suicide Prevention Resource Center.

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