Sevendipity announces new pastry name

By Jade Cunningham |

Published 07/17 2014 10:07AM

Updated 07/17 2014 10:31AM

When owner, Lizz Bowen, was served a cease-and-desist for one of her menu items, she asked the public for help.

It started about a month ago, when Bowen's partner decided to add the "Creaux-nut" to their menu.

Recently, "Cronut" creator and New York pastry chef, Dominique Ansel, saw they were serving the pastry, and sent them a cease-and-desist, saying they could no longer call their pastry a "Creaux-nut".

Bowen took to the restaurant's Facebook page and announced a naming contest for the croissant/doughnut pastry.

Suggestions were given, and on Wednesday, a winner was announced.

With 144 votes, the pastry-that-shouldn't-be-named turned into the Juggernut.

For more information you can watch the videos above, also visit Sevendipity's website here.

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