Sometimes the ER isn't the best choice

By Jade Cunningham |

Published 08/29 2014 05:39AM

Updated 08/29 2014 05:49AM

A big summer holiday weekend ahead, can sometimes mean, unexpected trips to the Emergency Room.

However, Providers say people with minor injuries or symptoms, have a cheaper option.

"Summer weekends, you know, especially with the 3-day weekend and the holiday coming up and people out on the lake, we typically see a lot of minor injuries, falls, possible broken bones," said Christine Bryant a registered Nurse."

But most primary care offices are closed.

"First instinct is going to be to go to the emergency room," said Bryant.

Bryant adds that Mercy's Convenient Care Clinic is a less expensive option.

"For most insurance it's just a regular co-pay visit, it's not considered an emergency room visit," said Bryant.

From stitches to x-rays, walk-in clinics offer the same treatment you would expect from your regular doctor.

"Common cold, sore throat, cough, upper respiratory kind of symptoms, nasal drainage, ear pain," said Bryant. "Avoiding the emergency room doesn't just save money, it also saves time, because if an actual emergency rolls through these doors, it takes priority."

"If you go to the emergency room for a possible, say broken, arm, and somebody comes in with chest pain, you're going to be bumped down a little bit lower," said Bryant.

Mercy's Clinic is located in Bentonville, but there are other urgent care options all over Northwest Arkansas.

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