SPD faces lawsuit

Allegations of abuse by Shreveport police officers.
A man sues the department, claiming four officers abused him so badly he had to be rushed to the hospital.
This 42 page lawsuit names four SPD officers and accuses them of repeatedly punching the man and then sodomizing him with a nightstick
It started on July 12th last year, when Desmond Lewis was walking to a relative's house after picking up a prescription from the pharmacy.
The lawsuit claims officers who were looking for a burglary suspect demanded Lewis approach the car.
He got scared and ran way.
According to the paperwork, the officers chased Lewis and took him down and handcuffed him.
The report says SPD mentioned Lewis was not the person they were looking for, but charged him with resisting arrest and battery of a police officer. 
The man's charges were eventually dismissed but the lawsuit says he spent about 40 days in jail.
NBC has not gotten a comment yet from Shreveport Police or Lewis's attorney.
Lewis is asking for a jury trial and compensation for damages.

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