Businesses relocate from Bayou Walk Shopping Center

Published 05/12 2014 10:25PM

Updated 05/12 2014 10:38PM

Some Shreveport businesses say goodbye to the Bayou Walk Shopping Center, because of foundation issues.

In March, 11 tenants were told to move out, with little notice.

"Uh, it was frustrating," says George Portocarrero, owner of the UPS Store on E. 70th. It was almost like getting kicked out of your home." 

Kimco Realty Corporation told business owners they would have to move, because of a ground settling issue under the space.

The company has decided to demolish that portion of the center.

Portocarrero had his UPS Store in the shopping center for 16 years. Now he's across the street. The business owner says the move was frustrating.

"There is a lot of issues you go through; a lot of frustrations, because you don't quite know when you're going to find this place and are you going to find it in time before you have to leave," says Portocarrero.

Most stores managed to keep their doors open, but other businesses weren't so lucky, having to close their doors for good.

Le Ho owned Nail Concepts" for 17 years.

Since she couldn't find a new location, she lost her business.

"When you come out to find another place, you have to find somewhere where you can handle the rent and you can make good business," says Ho.

Now, she has a booth inside Bella Donna Salon.

"Lucky me, I find a place like this, Bella Donna, you know it's not too far from my last area at all, and it's a good location."

Now that the big move is over, both owners say they're hoping customers follow them to their new locations.

There's no word on if Kimco plans to rebuild that section in the future.

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