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By Stefanie Bryant |

Published 06/10 2014 08:35AM

Updated 06/10 2014 08:45AM

Addiction is defined as an inability to control negative behaviors without intervention. Now substance abuse has been around since the beginning of recorded time, but with each generation both drug dealers and users are finding new and often deadly pharmaceuticals in search of the perfect high.

Active recovery in Shreveport treats a variety of addictions. Owner Terry Schaffner says that the most insidious of these new drugs is a synthetic form of marijuana called Potpourri.

Terri: Herbs that they just pile on very bad chemicals and there's no telling what;s in them. They change them up all the time which makes testing difficult. Because they're able to switch up and it's harder for law enforcement to cathc because they're labelled "Not for human consumption" .

Susan: So they can call it "Potpourri: for example, and sell it as that, and it's making its way across the border.

Terri: Oh yeah, people are driving to Marshall and Carthage and brining it back to Shreveport by the bucketfulls, and ruining many many lives in this area. It;s a 20 minute high, it's anxiety producing and when they come off of it they're like "OK, I gotta have another one"

Susan: So it's not even pleasant.

Teri: I don't understand. But it's highly addictive and ruining every bodies lives.

Susan: Even Medications which are prescribed to help a patient ween himself off a drug have a street value and can be misused.

Teri: Doctors are handing out prescriptions for Suboxine and Subutex to ween them off of the opiates: Loritabs and such, but it has steret value. So what we're finding out is they'll get a 30 day or sixty or 90 day supply and they'll take what they nee, sell the rest and the town is covered full, underground, with Suboxine and Subutex and people are just as addicted to it and it's highly addictive.

Susan: Many companies enforce random drug testing, but a large number of them don't bother totest for synthetic drugs, such as potpourri, which is actually more dangerous and addictive than marijuana in its natural form.

Terri: Marijuana being what the employers are looking for, that stays in your system longer, so people are resorting to the synthetic marijuana, because employers aren't particularly testing for it. You have to ask for a specific test. And so they employee thinks well, I can still keep my job and get high. And what they don't find out til later is that it is highly addictive, its very very dangerous. people are dying. And it has hit Shreveport pretty hard.

Susan: As with any addiction, recovery can be a long and difficult road. But with help, those in need can find that road a little smoother.

When you were looking for a program it was difficult for you. And getting clean is one thing, but staying clean is another.

Teri: Right, and you always need an aftercare program to bounce into so youre not going back to the same place that you came from. You have to find something different. And ther'es not alwyas something that's one size fits all, youy have to find something that fits you. And so Active Recovery is something that we're an alternatice to a 12 step program, AA, NA, although I;m all about whatever fits you. If that doesn't fit you, maybe Active Recovery does.

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