Studio 6: Lake Country, TX Resorts

By Stefanie Bryant |

Published 08/08 2014 08:59AM

Updated 08/08 2014 09:05AM

Susan Kirton:  Good morning guys, about 35 minutes either way from Shreveport or Texarkana, you're gonna find Atlanta, texas and right in the middle of Atlanta, Texas is Lake Country Resort Properties. I'm talking with Dale Anderson. Dale you have developed this beautiful tract of land, there are 18 tracts to chose from out here, you have 5 ponds and each tract has it's own fishing pier, right?

Dale Anderson:   That's correct

Susan Kirton:  Now it's gorgeous, because each little pier has a place to clean fish, it's gotta a place to put a boat, it's really well thought out. Tell us about the ponds and the fish here .

Dale Anderson:      Well, we stocked all 5 ponds in accordance with  the sate of Texas wildlife and fisheries department. We stocked them with Flordia bass,  channel catfish, hybrid blue gill and  a certain large amount if minnows and that was all done in accordance with wildlife and fisheries. The fish today or the bass are about a year old and they're developing very nicely weighing about a pound and a half. There's a couple of guys fishing for them right now with a fly rod. The way we built the lakes are really geared for fishing and that the banks are clean and the piers offer a great place for good entertainment. We had in mind a good place for kids to fish, for grandparents to have a good time and we think we've created that here with what we've done.

Susan Kirton:  Absolutely, this is an ideal setting, it is absolutely beautiful. I mean we're sitting here off the lake and the nice cool air coming off the lake, on a hot July morning, it's kind of amazing. We would normally be, it would be too uncomfortable to sit out here if you're in the middle of the city but out here there's a nice cool breeze. You can just picture your dog running into the lake, coming back out, you can your grandson fishing. I can see my husband and son throwing a football out here and my daughter and I having a picnic. It really is serene and you feel in love with this piece of property.

Dale Anderson:    Well, we intend to build a retirement home here ourselves, my wife and I, on one of the tracts.  The fishing is so wonderful. The other property we developed down by Jefferson, Texas was geared toward equestrian pursuits and we soon realized that people were primarily interested in sitting on the pier and fishing rather than riding horses. Most of my friends said Dale, I'm too old to ride a horse but I'm not too old to fish.

Susan Kirton:       It does remind me of on Golden Pond. You need to come out here to Lake Country Resort Properties , right out here in Atlanta, Texas, talk with Dale.

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