Studio 6: The Party Factory

By Stefanie Bryant |

Published 07/24 2014 08:16AM

Updated 04/22 2015 04:47AM

Susan Kirton:  Good morning guys, right here at the party factory again at State Line in Texarkana. I'm talking with Alan Avard, owner. Last time we were together we went through some really fun cocktails and you showed us how to layer a cocktail. If you're looking for any kind of beer, wine or spirit, you're gonna find it here at the party factory, right.

Alan Avard:   Yes ma'am,  we've got it all here. We've had since 1984. We've been bringing the products that Texarkana and the surrounding area want. We bring in new items every week, 5 to 10 new items, if someone sees something on the internet and they want it, we get it for them.

Susan Kirton:  I've seen thing here I've never seen in any other place, so this is definetly the place to come. Now, of course one of the major, major things you carry are wines. You have such a giant selection of wines. This brand in particular, Apothic is one of my favorites. Now, tell us about this wine.

Alan Avard:      Apothic is one of the store favorites, one of Texarkana's favorites because it's so versatile.  It's one that you can have with dinner at home, you can  have it out on the barbecue, you can take it over to a friend'[s house. People love this wine, it's very smooth, very balanced, wonderful bouquet. It's so wonderful I can smell it as I'm just talking.

Susan Kirton:  It really is nice and that old adage of, you know, white wine with fish and red wine with beef, that's not exactly true, right? You can find red wines that balance well with both.

Alan Avard:   Absolutely, the adage is good, it's a basic thing but wines are much more versatile today and they will pair with so many more foods. A lot of times the sauces or the spices that you're using are almost as important to matching the wine as using just white wine.

Susan Kirton:  And this is actually and affordable wine.

Alan Avard:    Very affordable, it's a great value.

Susan Kirton:     Wonderful value, wonderful wine, now apothic, where does this come from.

Alan Avard:   It's a Califoria wine. Let ne pour you a little.

Susan  Kirton:     Thank you

Alan Avard:       It's a California wine that uses multiple grapes, a blend of grapes so that you will have a very fruit balanced wine without being too tannic and make very accessible for everyday use,

Susan Kirton:   Now, when you swirl the wine around in the glass you're looking legs, right? Explain that.

Alan Avard:   Legs are  when you swirl it around and you let it sit you will notice that the liquid will start falling. The heavier the legs are , the faster they'll fall but they'll also stick to the glass and that shows a fuller bodied wine. A white wine you can't really use legs on because it's lighter and thinner, except for some big bold chardonnays.

Susan Kirton:    Alright, well this is a delicious wine. So whatever you're looking for whether it's wine, beer or spirits, you'll find it all right here at the party factory on state line avenue in Texarkana. Come talk to Alan, he will hook you up. Cheers, more news and weather after the break.

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