Tea Party Express makes announcement

By Jade Cunningham | jcunningham@ktalnews.tv

Published 05/29 2014 05:31AM

Updated 05/29 2014 06:04AM

Wednesday was a big day for the Tea Party Express.

They endorsed Senate Candidate, Rob Maness, to run against Incumbent Senator, Mary Landrieu.

A small crowd listened to Maness share his ideas, and why he thinks Landrieu must go.

"She doesn't represent the values of the people of Louisiana or the beliefs that our rights come from God," said Maness. "Washington shouldn't be trying to determine our rights, we should be protecting them."

The Tea Party Express will travel to four other cities, including Monroe and New Orleans.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, "Tea Party Express is excited to endorse Colonel Rob Maness for U.S. Senate. America is suffering and career politicians on both sides of the aisle have contributed to the out-of-control spending and crippling regulations. The beltway's do-it-tomorrow mentality isn't working and it's time for an outsider like Rob Maness to go shake things up. After getting to know Rob and his background, it's clear he's a fighter. Rob puts duty to country above all else. That's a stark contrast to the professional politicians like Senator Mary Landrieu," Budowich said. "Landrieu shows no remorse for abandoning the needs of her constituents to peddle Obama's liberal agenda- like voting yes for Obamacare. Another quality Rob brings is leadership. When he gets to Washington, D.C. he will pave his own trail and do what's best for the people of Louisiana, not party bosses or special interests- just like Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee."

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