O.J. Simpson: 20 Years Later

By Nikki Henderson | nhenderson@ktalnews.tv

Published 06/12 2014 03:43PM

Updated 06/12 2014 03:46PM

It's been 20 years since Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered outside the Simpson home in Los Angeles.  Jay Gray reports.

 It's been 20 years since the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and all of the drama that followed.

Two decades later the images of O.J. Simpson's slow-speed Bronco chase, arrest, trial and ultimate acquital can still illicit memories, emotions and for some, frustration.

The scope of the case was unlike any other: Simpson, a football and movie star accused of killing his wife and her friend, a legal dream team starring in a real life soap opera that played out daily on live TV in what was called "the trial of the century."

The effects of the investigation and that trial can still be felt today.

For Fred Goldman and his family very little has changed.

"It's just become a new normal, minus my son," Goldman says. "Without any of the opportunity to share his life with him, his joys, his happiness, his successes, all of that's gone."

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