6 Months of Higher Rates but No Repairs

Published 05/14 2014 06:44PM

Updated 05/14 2014 08:07PM

    While street repairs, park upgrades, and tensions with the financial adviser are obvious, repairs underground in the sewer aren't always visible...until it rains. 

   Repairing the aging infrastructure and stopping raw sewerage overflows is what Shreveport neighbor Stephen Bradley Jr. along with many citizens thought would happen when they started paying a 55% increase in sewer and a 13% in water. 

"It has an odor and the drainage just catches everything and backs up. It's not good," Bradley said. 

Funding is running dry and projects stopping. 

"Those weren't pay as you go. We're not getting $40-$50 million a year in revenue. We're bonding those projects and taking out loans," Dir. Water and Sewerage Barbara Featherston said. 

Featherston says is the city can't do revenue bonds or a second bond sale, the money will be gone. 

"In addition to a second bond sale, we have other projects not funded through the 2011 bond that are related to the consent decree. That will also come to a stop because we have no funding. We need to do a revenue bond," Featherston said. 

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