Basketball match turns into gunfight

By Marquel Sennet |

Published 07/14 2014 10:38PM

Updated 07/15 2014 12:02AM

An argument on a Shreveport basketball court Sunday quickly escalates.

Kids at the park told NBC 6 News someone left the park during an argument and returned with a gun. A 14 year old was shot during a dispute.

SPD Corporal Marcus Hines says there isn't a pattern of criminal activity at Bilberry Park, but neighbor Ocie Carter says that isn't true.

"It's been some other shootings up there and just recently, not too long ago.”

The person responsible for the most recent shooting is still on the streets.

Carter says, “I wish that we could work with our young people and try to have a little bit more love in the community."

This father and grandparent has a direct message for his neighbors.

"Try to guide and lead our children in the right direction. It's a lost generation and they need help."

Recreation centers in Shreveport have Community Liaison Officers who build relationships with community members.

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