No RVs allowed in front yards in Bossier City

By Nikki Henderson |

Published 06/03 2014 04:44PM

Updated 06/04 2014 01:43AM

Bossier City council members want to keep the City of Bossier beautiful.

That's why some voted Tuesday afternoon to ban RVs, campers, boats and ATVs from being parked in front or side yards.

Councilman David Montgomery says over the last six months, he received over 30 phone calls and emails from neighbors in different areas, complaining about the vehicles becoming eyesores.

"They were having problems selling their house, they were having problems renting the houses that they own, and so forth," says David Montgomery.

During the council meeting, neighbors voiced their concerns.

Gay England was the only one who spoke in support of the ban.

"If we don't do something about all these recreational vehicles, when you park them all over the lawn and everything, that devalues everybody's property," says England.

But several others, spoke against it.

"It's not right to tell me, because Mary Jo down the street don't think it looks nice…well, it's in my yard, it's not bothering nobody."

Some mentioned they need their recreational vehicles in the front yard to do hours worth of prep and maintenance work.

But after public comment council members approved the ordinance five to two.

"This way will help clean up the neighborhoods to a certain extent," says England.

While the ordinance passed, Councilman Montgomery says there is room for adjustments.

"If we need to change things or add or delete, then we're certainly willing to work with the people," says Councilman Montgomery.

The ordinance will go into place in 90 days.

Plus, you can still park your recreational vehicles in the backyard, carport or garage.

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