Comcast Responsibility: Explains misplaced long orange cord...

Published 03/28 2014 12:35PM

Updated 03/28 2014 04:31PM

Shreveport citizen Vader Winston reached out to NBC 6 for help. Since May she has been looking at a long orange cord running down her yard and into a box labeled Comcast on the side of her neighbor's home.  (SEE THE ORIGINAL STORY HERE) She has never been a Comcast customer. 

We contacted the company yesterday, and today they have sent an email explaining. 

Turns out the line does in fact belong to Comcast and it was and it was a service drop intended for the next door neighbor. Comcast says it was never properly entered into their system to be buried. It will be buried promptly and Ms. Winston should have her issue take care of by late next week.

If you have problems similar -- you can call Comcast directly or your Shreveport City Council representative. 

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