Whataburger employee: "I'll spit on your food!"

Published 08/25 2014 07:08PM

Updated 08/25 2014 07:23PM

Here's something you never want to hear from a fast food restaurant worker: "I’ll spit on your food."

That's what a worker at a Whataburger in Shreveport told a customer during an argument. It happened early Saturday morning at the Whataburger on East Bert Kouns.

Part of the argument, which was caught on cell phone video, was posted on Facebook.

The customer that recorded the argument posted what happened before he started recording:

“Whataburger on Bert Kouns gave a guys order to another customer who opened the burger with his hands and said this isn't mine the girl then gave the same burger to the right customer who then asked for a fresh untouched burger, the guy on the back took the same burger and just put it in another bag. The customer said "I saw that so just give me my money back". Then the manager went 2 the guys in the back and told them "the customer saw you so just go to the back and switch it out without him seeing". That's when the customer got irritated and told the guys in the back that he saw them and that's when they started threatening him. That's when I started video taping.”

The video included both the employees and the customer threatening one another:

Customer: "Hey homeboy, let's go!"

Employee: "Get your big (expletive) up out of here."

The video ended with the employee threatening to spit in his food on his next visit.

Customer: "I feel played about my (expletive) food!”

Employee: “You'll never eat at a Whataburger again! I'll spit on your food!" 

As a frequent customer, Randy Hughens shares his reaction to the video.

"Well, having seen just that part of the video that wasn't from the beginning of the situation, yea, you hate to see somebody lose their job, because they slipped up and said something," says Hughens.

Contrary to what's displayed in the video, Hughens says his experiences at this this particular Whataburger are different.

"That's why I pass so many places to get here,” says Hughens. “It's not just the food's better, but the people are really friendly."

Whataburger Director of Operations Robert Ortner gave this statement on the argument:

"Whataburger strives to create a great experience for our customers, and we are shocked and embarrassed by this incident, especially the behavior of the employees involved. We train our employees to handle a variety of situations with respect and courtesy to our guests, and clearly that training was not utilized here. Based on the actions shown in this video, and our internal investigation, the employees involved have been let go."

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