Former SFD captain pleads not guilty

By Nikki Henderson |

Published 08/25 2014 04:33PM

Updated 08/25 2014 04:35PM

Former Shreveport fire captain Derrick Harris pleads not guilty to one felony county of terrorizing.

Harris was charged after he allegedly made threats toward the Shreveport Fire Department on Facebook.

The post which appeared on July 10, stated," Thinking of doing a remake of django, some roles are already cast…Central Fire Station as Candyland…Derrick Harris as Django…R.C. Mulford as Calvin Candy, Beason as Billy Crash,…now I just need that ONE house *** to be Steven…"

Shreveport Firefighters perceived Harris to be talking about the violent film "Django Unchained," where a former slave seeks revenge on his master. In the movie, "Calvin Candy" is killed along with "Billy Crash". "Candyland" or the plantation is burned down and everyone inside dies by the end of the film.

Having seen the film, many of the firefighters became concerned when they saw the post and the Fire Administration called the police.

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