Former Shreveport firefighters change pleas to guilty

By Nikki Henderson |

Published 08/28 2014 01:44PM

Updated 08/28 2014 07:31PM

Three former Shreveport firefighters go from being defendants to witnesses in the Fire Station 8 prostitution and abuse case.

Today, Clint Richardson, Jason Vaughan and Billy Glass pled guilty to principle to prostitution charges in Caddo Parish District Court.

After changing his plea, Jason Vaughan said maybe now he can move on with his life.

"We've been portrayed as violent criminals when we've been civil servants,” says Vaughan. “I've been one all my life and still love to help the public."

"I mean it's been an ordeal for Jason and his family the last year,” says Stephen Glassell, attorney for Jason Vaughan. “It's been a true ordeal for him. He was a great firefighter for Shreveport, and it's unfortunate that he was just there at the time this happened."

Vaughan, Richardson and Glass are accused of hiring a prostitute to have sex with a mentally challenged man at Fire Station 8.

All three men took a plea deal from the D.A.’s office. Glass will have to go over his plea deal with Judge Ramona Emanuel on September 4th before it is finalized.

Since they pled guilty, they will now serve as witnesses to testify in other cases surrounding criminal activity at Fire Station 8.

The judge allowed Vaughan to change his plea to guilty, without actually admitting guilt, because he was concerned there would be evidence that could have led to his conviction, if he had gone to trial.

"Well, you've got the testimony of Clint Richardson,” says Glassell. “We anticipated Clint testifying against him, plus Jason was there. I mean he cannot deny that. He just denies that he contributed any money to the prostitute."

The sentence for the three men is 90 days unsupervised probation and a $25 fine plus court costs.

Now, it's up to the D.A.’s office to decide if the men will testify in the cases against Derrick Harris and Randy Chandler, the two remaining men who still face charges.

"I'm very hopeful that they'll enhance our case against Derrick Harris and Randy Chandler, because we'll now have three new witnesses who were on the inside of events rather than the outside of events," says Dale Cox, Caddo Parish Asst. D.A.

"I'm going to tell what I know, and I'm going to tell the truth,” says Vaughan. “But it ain't all come out I don't believe."

Harris will go on trial for principle to prostitution on October 23rd.

Then, both Harris and Chandler will have their cruelty to the infirm trials on December 8th.

Also in court, Judge Emanuel ruled that Dr. Bruce McCormick's testimony will be used at trial.

Defense attorneys argued his statement should be thrown out, because his office didn't follow proper procedure when testing the mental capacity of the two victims in the case.

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