Graphic Content: Additional Details into Natchitoches Human Trafficking

Published 06/06 2014 06:09PM

Updated 06/06 2014 06:39PM

   Authorities say it's the worst case of human trafficking they've ever seen in Natchitoches. 
A news conference brings more details into who the victim is. 
Investigators say she is transgender and in her early 50's. Once her family disowned her, she found comfort in the BDSM website From the site she found her captors David Rodriquez, Christina Marie Harper, and Amber Lomas and agreed to move from Minnesota to the Pleasant Hill tiny trailer. 

Authorities also say it started consensual, even sleeping in a 3 x 5 wooden box at the foot of the master bed. She was forced to not only perform sex acts, but do chores for the three adults and two teens including cooking, yard work, and installing a swimming pool. 

Investigators say it got progressively worse when she wanted to leave. She was tazed and her body tattooed and branded as a slave online. 
This most recent time when she said she wanted to leave, she was chained in the woods for two days, nude, without food or water. 

After the Memorial Day rain, she was placed in a storage unit in the backyard. 

"When they chained her up she was forced to drink urine. She was chained in there from Monday to Saturday when she was able to escape with one of the cars. She waved down a deputy Marshal with the chain around her neck," NPSO Detective Tim Key said. 

After searching the property, investigators found 15 guns, a stun gun, four computers, a camera, and a load of sexual items. 

"She was seen out with them and they traveled over the last two years. It's mainly a brain washing deal. She felt that's what was fine," Investigator Craig Dunn said. 

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