Hometown Heroes: Madeline Bethea

11 year old Madeline Bethea lives by the phrase, 'even a little person can give big.'  Since age six, Madeline has done just that, through her 'Stuffed with Love' project.

Madeline takes gently used stuffed animals, cleans the up... And donates them to nursing home residents, sick children and emergency responders.  To date, she's donated more than 4,500 stuffed animals to those who need a 'friend.'  By the end of this year, Madeline hopes to double that amount.

The 6th grader is also 4H president at JA Phillips Middle School in Minden, an avid singer and deer hunter.

But it is through her 'Stuffed with Love' project that Madeline has made her mark in the community.  Yes, even a little person can give big.  Especially when their heart is as big as Madeline's.

Madeline Bethea... This week's hometown hero.

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