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Hometown Heroes: Todd Cowan

For nearly three decades, Jerry Todd cCowan has served the public in Mooringsport, Louisiana. 

In his role as a paramedic-firefighter, he's saved many lives. To this day... he spends weekends working an ambulance... ready to go wherever and do whatever is needed to help.

In addition to that, he's a safety manager for the Department of Corrections. And before all this... he worked at the Mooringsport police Department.

Guaranteeing he'll be around to help for many more years... Todd recently lost more than 100 pounds after developing a 90 percent blockage in his heart.

Nominated by his son Caleb... who says quote, "he's the most kind hearted and generous man you will ever meet... And my dad is a hero to me."

Todd Cowan... This week's hometown hero.

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