Modern day slave shares her story

By Stephanie Claytor

Published 07/17 2014 09:41PM

Updated 07/17 2014 09:49PM

A Minnesota woman shares how she escaped two years of enslavement in a Natchitoches Parish home. She fled from her captors May 31. The victim, Tiffany, 54, moved away from Louisiana and is now trying to find somewhere permanent to stay. She said she has panic attacks, and fears for her life, but she wanted to share her story to prevent it from happening to someone else.


According to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office, the enslavement happened at a home in the 500 block of Dick Anderson Road in Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. Tiffany said she moved there on May 6, 2012 , after one of the homeowners, David Rodriguez, picked her up from her home in Minnesota.


She met her alleged captors, David Rodriguez and Christina Harper, on the BDSM website, She said they convinced her it was in her best interest to move in with them since she had been lonely for nearly 15 years, after undergoing a sex change. Her family had disowned her and she wanted a change.


“Mainly because I was in a severe depression. It sounded nice to have a family who cared about me,” said Tiffany.


While living there, she did chores around the home eight to 12 hours a day, including fixing cars, digging a trench, and cleaning the trailer. She slept in a three by three foot box.  In return, they fed her, gave her somewhere to stay, and made all the decisions for her. At first, Harper took her out to lunch once a month, but that stopped after awhile and she mostly stayed in the home.


"When I first moved in, it wasn't too bad. As a slave, I did have some weird things I had to do like the first couple weeks, I slept in the dog kennel,” said Tiffany.


While living with the married couple and two children, she said she endured several beatings, but felt that was the price of being a slave. Tiffany said she wanted to be a sex slave, but that didn’t happen. She said she only had sex with Rodriguez about three times. She also had to attend “Munch” parties, where BDSM lovers gathered, ate, had displays, and someone usually got beat. Tiffany said she was required to be naked at these gatherings. She said they happened once a month at a friend’s house, and even at the Hilton in Shreveport and in Minden.


According to Tiffany, Harper’s kids didn’t like her much because they felt she was an “outsider”. Tiffany said people would question the couple about her when they were in public, but most of the people dismissed it as Tiffany “down on her luck,” and they assumed the couple was helping her.


In April of 2014, things started to take a turn for the worse. The couple involved their new girlfriend, Amber Lomas, in their beatings. Tiffany said they met her at a “Munch” party in the fall of 2013. In April, the couple along with their girlfriend Amber Lomas, allegedly carved their initials in Tiffany’s skin.


"That got to be too much for me.  I have a fear of knives and needles.”


Then on May 25, Tiffany said she was tased with a stun gun several times and then chained to a tree outside, naked, for two days and three nights.


“I kind of started freaking out because I'd seen a rattlesnake twelve feet from where I was, and I heard what kind of sounded like hogs.”


 According to Tiffany, the outdoor punishment came after taking one too many Flexeril pills from the couple, and the discovery that she was hording cigarettes.



She recalls trying to hang herself from a tree the second night but the branch fell. She then began to holler, and the women came out. Tiffany said she asked them to let her leave.


“I said please just let me leave. You can take all my stuff, just let me go. Christina laughed and said 'O now you want to go. I'll drop you off three or four states over and drop you off in some ditch somewhere.’


Tiffany said they then threatened to kill her, and locked her inside a ship storage container, chaining her to the floor.


“The only water I had to drink was pee water.”


After seven days of captivity, she broke two pad locks with a screw driver. With a 35 foot chain on her neck, she stole the car, and stopped at a nearby McDonalds, where a Robeline Assistant City Marshal came to her rescue.


“I was just so thankful and so relieved that it was over.”


The local domestic violence shelters wouldn’t accept her because she was transgender, so authorities put her in a detention center lockdown cell for three days.


“It was definitely frustrating and it was terrible staying in the detention center in a lockdown cell with the lights on all the time.”


She's escaped her torture, but now she fears for her life.


"Escaping to the police, the courts have already taken their kids away. I'd say my life is numbered. If they find me, I'm gone, I'm dead. “


Tiffany is now telling people to not use the internet to meet people. She said it doesn't work out.


As for her alleged captors, David Rodriguez , 37, and Christina Harper, 39 are charged with one count of Human Trafficking, Aggravated Second Degree Battery, Second Degree Kidnapping/False Imprisonment, and two counts of offenses against computer users

Amber Lomas, 39, is charged with one count of Second Degree Kidnapping/False Imprisonment, and aggravated second degree battery.

David Rodriguez is being held at the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center, and the two women are in the Avoyelles Parish Detention Center.

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