Prosecutors pleased with Brian Horn death sentence

By Stephanie Claytor , Nancy Cook |

Published 04/06 2014 01:09AM

Updated 04/06 2014 02:19AM

An eight day capital murder trial ends Saturday afternoon. There was crying and hugging in the courtroom as Brian Horn was sentenced to death for killing Justin Bloxom, 12, in March of 2010. 

When Brian Horn left the courtroom around 4:30 p.m., he had nothing to say about his death sentence. It took the jury only an hour and a half to come to this decision. 

Prosecutors believe this finally brings closure to Bloxom's family. 

" I believe the death sentence was appropriate for this offender," said Ron Stamps, Assistant District Attorney for Desoto Parish. "Mr. Horn is a predator who manipulated and a deceived a child and then killed him. The death sentence was warranted in this case." 

Stamps went on to say that in all of the cases he's handled in his career, no one deserved the death penalty more than Brian Horn. Stamps and Dhu Thompson delivered the closing arguments for the prosecution. 

Defense attorney Daryl Gold disagreed with the death sentence, and estimates Horn will be on death row for more than 20 years. 

"They're never going to get closure. They don't realize. If he would've received a life sentence, the family would've had closure tomorrow. I don't think Brian Horn will ever be executed and I think the  death penalty will eventually be abolished," said Daryl Gold, as he walked out the courtroom. 

Before the trial, Gold had offered the prosecution a plea deal for Brian Horn to serve life in prison. Prosecutors turned it down after consulting with Justin Bloxom's family. 

Brian Horn's ex-wife Amanda Horn was also in the courtroom when the jury gave Horn the death sentence. She let out a loud yelp. 

"There's more than one victim in this case," said Amanda Horn  "It's been a hard road for all of us. Just glad that it's over. I do believe the right thing was done and I believe justice has been served. "

During the trial, defense attorneys alleged Brian Horn never meant to kill Justin Bloxoom when he pretended to be a teenage girl and lured him into his taxi promising sex via text messages. Instead, attorneys allege Horn meant to use Bloxom to have sex with his wife Amanda and his girlfriend. 

Also during the final day of trial, Brian Horn's mother testified for two hours for the defense. She talked about Horn's troubled childhood, beginning at nine months old. 

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