Rob Maness introduces energy bill in Shreveport

By Nikki Henderson |

Published 08/21 2014 04:12PM

Updated 08/21 2014 10:57PM

On Thursday Col. Rob Maness the conservative, non-politician running for U.S. Senate in Louisiana released his "Energy for Us" Plan: Securing America's Energy Independence.

Maness will hold a #SolutionsForUs Energy Town Hall meeting at 5:30 tonight on 578 Spring Lake Dr.    

Maness said that his plan would serve the interests of the people, not the political class. Maness said, "Unlike my opponents, I'm one of us and Lousianans can count on me to fight for our values and our economy."

Here is the plan Col. Maness released today:

For far too long, America has relied on foreign nations for our energy, undercutting our energy security.  A 21st Century superpower should be in control of its own energy future. Louisiana can and should lead America to Energy Independence. Every day, the situation in the Middle East grows more volatile and unstable with no end in sight.  A revitalized, expanding energy sector here in Louisiana will help America rely more on our energy resources and less on resources of war-torn countries.
President Obama has used executive orders and agencies in his Administration to shut doors to economic prosperity for Louisiana. We need someone who will fight for us 100% of the time, not side with President Obama 97% of the time.
Innovation has spurred technology advancements that make it possible for America to be 100% energy self-sufficient within the next decade, but that can only happen if we embrace a comprehensive "All-of-the-Above" energy strategy. I will pursue independent, American solutions that align with the ideas behind the Conservative Reform Agenda put forward by strong leaders like Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).
Make the Keystone XL Pipeline Happen
I will make approving the Keystone XL Pipeline a top priority as Louisiana's U.S. Senator because I recognize the number of jobs it will create and the critical effects energy independence will have in our state and country.
Liberate America's Energy Resources
As your Senator, I will reintroduce the Energy Production and Project Delivery Act so we can lift the barriers to federally controlled areas, onshore and offshore.
·    Expand drilling in the outer continental shelf, especially in the Gulf of Mexico
·    Expedite approvals of energy projects that have been stalled in Washington, especially for liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities
Empower Louisiana to Lead America to Energy Independence
I will work to empower the private sector to create good-paying, full-time American jobs that will set us on a long-term path of economic prosperity.
·    Require Congress and the President to approve any new EPA regulations before they are implemented so we have representation rather than bureaucratic fiat
·    End the EPA's regulatory overreach, which is suffocating job creators in the coal industry and in the entire energy sector
·    Expand Louisiana's refining capacity by ending unnecessary and unreasonable environmental regulations
·    Expand U.S. exports of LNG and other energy products
·    Prevent the federal government from creating destructive regulation of hydraulic fracturing, and repeal the ones on the books
·    Broaden energy development on federal land
Explore Responsibly
Louisiana is blessed with an abundance of God-given natural resources and natural beauty. We can have a robust economy and maintain our beautiful state at the same time through the free market and conservation.
·    Promote sensible regulations and hold companies accountable for actions that negatively impact our state, whether it is intentional or unintentional.
Move the Department of Energy to Louisiana
Maybe some of our fresh air will help expand the thinking of the political class who has stifled the growth of the American energy sector and made us hostages to foreign interests. The jobs that could be created by an all-of-the-above policy would lead to explosive growth for our economy.
·    Move the Department of Energy out of Washington D.C. and bring it here to Louisiana.
Improve revenue sharing with states

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