Sanitation protest groups present fact sheets to city council

By Christian Henson |

Published 08/12 2014 07:15PM

Updated 08/12 2014 10:40PM

Sanitation workers, along with union representatives and Public Works Director Stan Harris, brought fact sheets into the Shreveport City Council meeting to their concerns.

Sanitation worker Troy Sumlin says one of their main concerns is their equipment. 

"We need better trucks because they break down every day," Sumlin said "They get one fixed and the other one goes down that makes it extra hard on the workers that have to pull that extra load."

Both the original protest group and the union are representing sanitation workers but according to Sumlin, and the groups fact sheets, they want different things. 

Sumlin said "We're far apart on the issues with Sheila Johnson. Like I said we're just not getting to know her and she's not familiar with our plight and what we're trying to do so we feel comfortable with the group that we started out with. We're comfortable with each other, we know what each other want. So that's how we decided to just go our own way." 

The biggest issue for the original protest group is a 3 dollar raise retroactively starting in 2009.

"We really stand firm on the three dollars. Anything else is going to defeat the purpose because its going to run the people off," Sumlin said "We need something that's going to keep them there, not only us but the ones coming in the future. That's why we're adamant about the three dollars."

The Shreveport City Council will sue these fact sheets to determine how to move forward with the Sanitation Workers requests.

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