Shreveport Police continues to get rid of bats at station

By Stephanie Claytor

Published 07/15 2014 09:18PM

Updated 07/15 2014 09:25PM

 Shreveport Police continues to shoe the bats out of its building. Crews spent the day on the second floor, tearing down the interior wall of the Assembly Room, looking for bats. The police station learned it had a bat infestation in May, but had to wait until now to fix the problem due to the bats mating season. 


"Very little disruption at this point," said Cpl. Marcus Hines. "All police services are still in tact and going forward. Hopefully we'll have this situation resolved quickly."

The crews were also looking for dead animals or feces, hoping to remove the odor employees were complaining of in May. The crews told NBC 6 they found two dead bats back in May, but have yet to find anymore. They expect to finish getting rid of the bats by Wednesday. 

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