The Arkansas medical marijuana vote

"Whether you believe it or not, there are patients who need this and to day i die i will believe it saved my son's life."

That argument made by Melissa Fults of 'Arkansans for Compassionate Care' during an NBC 6 debate last week is simply not believed by organizations against making marijuana medically available.

"This is a backdoor effort to legalize marijuana all across the state of Arkansas."

Jerry Cox of the 'Family Council' fears pot would be too readily available.  But, Fults contends under Arkansas law - modeled after Maine and New Mexico - patients would first be required to undergo six months of conventional treatment before qualifying for a medical marijuana prescription.

"Contrary to what the opposition says, this is about patients with debilitating diseases."

There's also the issue of crime.  In an interview with the Denver Post, Thornton, Colorado police sergeant Jim Gerhardt says pot is being smuggled out of state... And "it's becoming a huge, huge problem..." and "feels like it's spinning out of control."

Some Arkansans fear it would get out control here, too.

"I've never seen it yet that it didn't.  And history kind of proves that out."

The argument, proponents say, is effective enforcement... For the sake of those who need the medicinal help.

"I think I would support it for those who are sick and really need it."

"It's a bad law, not enough safeguards, it's based on bad science and driven by bad motives."

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