The lights may be out, but their eyes aren't

By NBC 6 News

Published 08/20 2014 08:19PM

Updated 08/20 2014 10:23PM

The lights are back on at two Shreveport casinos after a blackout struck the Arklatex Tuesday night.

 SWEPCO officials said at around 8 p.m. there were about 6,500 customers without power.

"We had a storm come through with high winds," said SWEPCO official Scott McCloud.

McCloud said it took them a little while to get the lights back on at Sam’s Town and Eldorado casinos in downtown Shreveport.

"Normally, with the casinos, the backup generators kick in," McCloud added.

The problem last night? The backup generators failed.

Officials still don't know the exact reason for why the generators failed, but they speculate that it's because there were too many power lines down.

Public Information Officer, Matt Harris, with the Louisiana State Police said they do have an operational plan for when events like this happen.

“Video surveillance is constantly running," Harris said. "It's battery operated, so if there is a blackout, those security cameras will still catch everything that's going on."

Sue Perkins was in her room at Sam's Town when the lights went out.

"I've never experienced a power outage at a casino," Perkins said. "They [the lights] stayed out for a while."

Harris said if the power is out for an extended period of time, they will start an evacuation procedure and clear the boat.

"The Gaming Division has only seen about 3 evacuations since the casinos were first built," Harris said. "The video surveillance system is extremely sophisticated, so if the power does go out, it's never usually out for long."

McCloud said earlier on Wednesday, there were still a couple hundred customers without power, but both casinos were back up and running last night.

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