Some neighbors in Mooringsport without water

Published 07/13 2014 05:45PM

Updated 07/14 2014 01:32AM

A small town in Caddo Parish is without running water this weekend.

The East Cove Receivership Water System in Mooringsport, LA, has been down since Saturday.

Michelle Lee just moved to Mooringsport two weeks ago, and she's spending her weekend filling up water containers.

"Takes two gallons of water to flush a toilet…it's difficult," says Lee. "I got 20 gallons of water at the store this morning, and my mother-in-law brought me six last night."

The town clerk says a pump at the water plant is not working, but they're working to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Until it's fixed, the Office of Homeland Security is providing this 500 gallon tank of water for neighbors.

"It's only going to go to only flushing toilets, because it's yellowed or whatever,” says Lee. “I thought it would be more clear."

Lee says she was warned before she moved to Mooringsport that the water goes out regularly, but she was hoping the town would soon be tied in to the water system in Blanchard.

"I mean, I've heard it's going on for years, so I just don't understand why things haven't gotten fixed yet if, you know, it's been going on for years," says Lee.

The town hopes to have the pump fixed on Monday.

The town plans on keeping the water tank at town hall, 122 W. Croom St., until service is restored. 

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