Tractor Seized After Farmers DUI

A Minnesota man is arrested for DWI and he wasn't driving a car. 

He allegedly drove his tractor, drunk, to a neighbor's farm in an angry dispute.

Wednesday evening, authorities were dispatched for a dispute over a culvert being built on a property near Kenneth Hustak's land in High Forest Township.

Hustak declined go to on camera, but said he is concerned the culvert will cause run-off in his farm fields.

The complainants say the department of agriculture told them the culvert needed to be placed there.

According to the complaint Hustak drove his John Deere tractor over to his neighbor's to discuss the culvert.

Deputies later confronted Hustak on his own property.

The property owners took pictures that they say show Hustak driving drunk on their yard.

Hustak failed a preliminary breath test with a reading of .16 and was arrested.

He was cited for 4th degree driving while impaired and later, when he refused a blood test at the Adult Detention Center, he was also cited for third degree refusing the test.

Because of prior DWI offenses, deputies seized the John Deere tractor as part of their investigation.

"His current driving status is canceled, not safe for public safety. He received 3-DUI's in about a 12-year period. In the 1980's to the 1990's," said Rochester Police Department, Detective, Lee Rossman.

Hustak has up to 30-days to appeal the forfeiture, otherwise the county will keep the tractor as their own, or auction it off.

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