Traffic Concerns in Mooringsport

By NBC 6 News

Published 08/15 2014 08:52PM

Updated 08/15 2014 10:16PM

Several Mooringsport locals are frustrated with the bridge closure detour that goes through their town.
The LA 1 Bridge over Caddo Lake has been closed since July 17 for repairs. All vehicles have been forced to use the route LA 169 to LA 538 to LA 1.
“Well, I don’t like it,” Mooringsport resident Donna Bankovic said. “It’s too much traffic for a small residential town.”
Bankovic has lived there for her whole life. She said she has never seen the town look this bad.
“These 18-wheelers are tearing up our streets and our yards and it’s making our town look ugly,” Bankovic added.
Even after bridge repairs are complete, the 5-ton weight limit will remain.
“Which means we won’t have the cars coming through here, but we will have the 18-wheelers, which don’t belong here,” said Bankovic.
But, some Mooringsport residents don’t see what all the fuss is about.
“It’s not bothering anyone and it’s only going to go on for another few months, so I’m okay with it,” said Michael Doyle.
Still, both Bankovic and Doyle share the same concern.
“There is a school right up the road, so you have kids walking to school every day and it’s just dangerous,” said Bankovic.
“Drivers just have to pay more attention because of the kids walking to and from school,” Doyle added.
Bankovic said she wants to see the bridge torn down and completely rebuilt so that there doesn’t have to be any more detours through their town.
Susan Stafford with the Department of Transportation said construction will continue until September 7. But, the 5-ton weight limit for the LA 1 Bridge may stay the same.

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