Who are the candidates for Stonewall Mayor?

By Stephanie Claytor

Published 03/31 2014 10:34PM

Updated 03/31 2014 11:00PM

On April 5, voters will decide who will run the town of Stonewall. 

The race is between incumbant Charles Waldon, 63,  and newcomer and landowner Charles Hicks. 

Hicks had campaigns signs all over town while Mayor Waldon said he's too busy configuring the town budget to be knocking on doors. 

"I think I've done a good job and I think if you look at my record and whats happened since I've been in office, I think it speaks for itself," said Mayor Waldon. 

According to Waldon, he helped oversee the widening of Highway 3276 and the conversion of an old  gym to a community center. He said he also brought the Caddo Council on Aging to town to host senior programs, along with Clerk of Courts. Currently, he's working on figuring out how much it'll cost to fix town roads, and bringing a grocery store. He said he's working with an independent grocer, who is currently studying the demographics of the town. 

Meanwhile, Charles Hicks, 73,  said he was inspired to run for office after learning that Waldon was investigating how much it would cost to use the Desoto Parish Sheriff's deputies instead of the Stonewall Police Department to keep the town safe. He believes there should be more transparency in local government, and more town input when decisions are made. 

"In city government, I like to see things aired out in the public more than just one or two people making decisions on some things," said Charles Hicks.   "I like to get the public input on things before I make a move." 

Waldon said he listened to the citizens concerns and discontinued his probe into whether it was more cost effective to use sheriff's deputies to patrol the town. Waldon said the motivation for his query was money. He said the officers do a good job, but the town is limited in what it can afford since it relies strictly on sales tax revenues and grants. 

Hicks would like to see the community use the town parks and community center more often. He's concerned about the zoning of new businesses coming to town in the future. His main priority if he wins is bringing a grocery store to town. 

Hicks' experience includes a two term Justice of the Peace, Chairman over the Caddo Fire District 6, and State Treasurer of the Association of Justice of the Peace and Constables. Waldon served on the town council before becoming mayor; he also served as road commissioner. 

If you'd like to meet the candidates, there will be a forum open to the public Friday, April 4, from 5 to 7 pm at BBQ Jacks at Highway 171 in Stonewall. 

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