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Barksdale Profile: Team Aerospace receives high praise

. As NBC 6's Dan Jovic explains in today's Barksdale Profile, the results place them at the head of the class. If you would like to see other stories

Relevance: 100%

Barksdale Profile: Finding Love on Barksdale

captains on Barksdale saw that picture differently... and found each other. NBC 6's Dan Jovic shares their story in a Barksdale Profile.

Relevance: 78%

Barksdale Profile: Force Improvement Program

's Dan Jovic shares more in this week's Barksdale Profile

Relevance: 78%

Barksdale Profile: Base Weather Squadrons

, operating in a different capacity, that's also pretty special. Dan Jovic shows you how two weather squadrons on Barksdale AFB partner to forecast flight

Relevance: 77%

Barksdale Profile: Female Welder

A Barksdale AFB welder is proving herself in a male dominated career field and says she hopes young girls see they can do anything!

Relevance: 76%

Barksdale Profile: Military Weddings

A popular local wedding destination is right in the middle of Barksdale Air Force Base. But as NBC 6's Leslie Draffin explains in today's Barksdale

Relevance: 75%

Barksdale Profile: Acrobatic Sling

Testing on a new piece of equipment that's helping save time and money on on B52 repairs is finally complete. Barksdale Air Force Base officials

Relevance: 75%

Barksdale Profile: Oktoberfest

A three week German event brings one million people together.  Oktoberfest. Not quite that many are expected at a local event at Barksdale Air

Relevance: 75%

Barksdale Profile: A flight with the Thunderbirds

just adapts." Mine did, gradually. Major Fisher took me through many of the moves performed at the Barksdale Air Show. Rolls, banks, loops

Relevance: 75%

Barksdale Profile: The High & Tight

Military men are picky about their uniforms and hair. A surprise inspection is always possible. That's why the Barksdale Air Force Base barber shop

Relevance: 75%