Airline senior Christian Walden credits father for success on the mat

As a Sophomore in 2015 Christian Walden upset the number two and number one seed to win the state championship. Last year Walden defended his title as a Junior, but the feeling just wasn't the same.
John Walden:
Last year was a little different because he was the number one seed going into the tournament so he had a big target on his back.
After winning the 160 pound championship one year ago at the Century Link Center Christian and John say it was more of a sense of relief, but also knew they weren't satisified just yet. 
John Walden:
I don't think he said anything. I think it was more a sense of relief because it's pretty stressful.
Christian Walden:
He said you did it, you did it but you got you got one more so it's not over yet. That's what this year is about.
Wrestling is kind of a fraternity. Most pick up the sport because their  Dad or brother or some other family member was a wrestler but not the Walden's. Twelve years ago when Christian develpoed an interest in the sport, John had no clue what he was getting in to.
John Walden:
I didn't wrestle, didn't know anything about it until he was in kindergarden. I started getting a crash course in everything because when we'd travel to tournaments there was nobody to coach him. 
John has put in as much time or even more learning the sport to benifit his son. Something that isn't lost on the Senior from Airline.
Christian Walden:
It means a lot. It means he's really invested like I am. I think that says a lot about him.
John Walden:
Before you knew it, it turned into our family hobby. We were traveling all over the country going to tournaments, it's been a long journey but I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
Walden has become one of the most decorated wrestlers in the state of Louisiana and says he wouldn't be anywhere close to where he's at, if it weren't for his mom and dad.
Christian Walden:
They're always pushing me. My goal is to always make them proud. Anything I can do to make them proud I'm always reaching for that.

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