Arkansas Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek has high expectations for athletics

March 14, 2018 - Terry Snead : How's it going so far at the University of Arkansas?

Hunter Yurachek said- Well its been wonderful I mean really landed with my feet on the ground January 1st you know I was hired back in December but that first order of business was obviously to secure the hiring of Coach Morris but since I've had my feet on the ground, coming to places like Texarkana getting out and about and meeting people one hand shake at a time and getting to various communities with their chancellor, been awesome people have been so hospitable to myself and our family so generous with their time so passionate about this state and passionate about the Razorbacks.

Terry Snead- What is the vision for the University?

Hunter Yurachek said - Well the vision for the University is quite simple we're going to be the best at everything that we do day in and day out and in order for us to be the best eventually be the best is we have 19 sports programs and 465 student athletes. We want 465 student athletes to earn their degree at the University of Arkansas and we want 19 sports programs to compete for and win conference and national championships. That's our vision quite simply and we want the whole state whether you live in Fayetteville, you live in Northwest Arkansas you live in Central Arkansas wherever you live to truly feel like the Razorbacks are your team regardless if you can ever get to a game or not. That's why I'm out and about is we want everybody to understand that we wear Arkansas on our jersey to represent the entire state and not just one corner of the state. 

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