Benton family speeds to success

By Kamady Rudd |

Published 07/10 2014 06:28PM

Updated 07/10 2014 06:32PM

You never want to see a police car behind you, but chances are if you run into Benton Police Officer Steve Collier you'll be the one behind.

“I’m the one that got us all involved in the sport,” said race car driver Steve Collier.

That sport is drag racing, and the team at Collier Racing is one of the best. Steve recently won the Spring National event in Houston Texas. One of many for Collier Racing which has grown from one driver and one car to three full time drivers, one junior driver, and a bunch of cars. That's not even the best part. 

“As a family it sticks us together,” said Mike Collier, Collier Racing’s Manager.

Mike Collier is Steve’s father and the Manager of Collier racing. There’s Jack, Steve’s younger brother who also drives, Koy Steve’s son who gets his permit in a few days, and looks to be certified soon after. Then there’s Tony Brown, the lead mechanic. He’s not blood related, but might as well be.

“Tony Brown’s been pretty much like a brother. He’s a driver but he can also fix anything there’s not anything on a race car he can’t fix,” said Steve.

At Collier Racing, racing isn't just a sport. It's a family pastime. According to Mike it's also a great way to stay out of trouble.


“Well, when they start young, they get a lot of speed on a controlled track. There’s really no reason to go out and run around on the street anymore. You’ve got all the speed you want. You can scare yourself all you want on a race track,” said Mike.

He also believes the sport teaches valuable lessons. 

“It’s a sport where I’m trying to beat the guy next door to me, but if he has a problem, he’ll come to me ask me for a spare part and I’ll help him. It’s a competitive sport, but it’s a friendly sport,” said Mike.

You can catch this family on the track almost every weekend. Well, I don't know if you can catch them but it'd be a lot of fun to try. 

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