Benton QB Garrett Hable named Friday Night Blitz Player of the Week

Benton quarterback Garrett Hable has been named the Friday Night Blitz Player of the Week. 
He was presented with the Player of the Week trophy this afternoon. Those trophy's donated Bud's Trophy Case in Bossier. 

Hable had just under 400-yards of total offense to go along with three touchdowns, but Hable's competitive nature extends beyond the football field.

"Coach Moore said: We had a ping pong table in the locker room for awhile and :I don't like to lose either I think he beat me like twelve or thirteen times in a row and I made him keep playing until I finally beat him and when I beat him he was upset and wanted to again and I said well im the coach and we're done playing for the day ping pong table is shut down for the day nobody else can play so being the coach is certainly an advantage there man I love the way these kids compete."

"Garrett Hable said: I feel very honored to be awarded that I mean its only the best athetes around that get like that and I mean its just an honor." 

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