Brad Cesak sits down with new ETBU coach Scott Highsmith

Brad Cesak said, "Yeah Tim I'm joined by new ETBU head football coach Scott Highsmith, and coach, obviously a busy but fun week for you. Just talk about this opportunity becoming the new head coach here."

Scott Highsmith said, "It was a fantastic opportunity for me. We didn't really see it coming with Scotty leaving this time of year, but he's in great shape, and we're in great shape, and I've never been happier."

Cesak said, "Now you were the passing game coordinator, so stepping in to a new role, but how does that help the transition already being familiar with the team?"

Highsmith said, "Well the system is already in place. Schematically it's already in place. Terminolgy wise it's already in place. I know the players, the players know me, so we're just ready to go."

Cesak said, "We were talking a little bit ago, but you are returning a number of players to this team, including your quarterback. Does that help you move into this role knowing that you have a lot of guys who already know what to expect?"

Highsmith said, "Oh yeah without question. That helps me a lot, and they've got a lot of experience. They can talk about some things with me, I'm open to their ideas and new and fresh ideas. We've done a lot of good things these last several years, and we're going to continue to do it."

Cesak said, "What would you say is the most difficult part of transitioning from a coordinator to head coach?"

Highsmith said, "Well just all the different administative things that you've got to do. Anything from media to parents to paper work. Probably time management is my concern right now."

Cesak said, "Well Coach thank you for your time. Good luck this fall in your first year as they head coach."


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