Broken Bow 23 teams in 23 days

Jori Parys: The hardest part of painting a picture can often be the beginning stages. For a new coach with no returning starters, painting this years Broken Bow playbook started from scratch. In the process of learning his team, coach Glennis Ring's philosophy  has been to cater to his players talents.

Glennis Ring: You know what best suits our kids, you know, for the most part sometimes its not what the coach knows but its what best suits our kids and our kids are very talented and we're going to utilize their talents and line up what helps them the most.

Jori Parys: While coach Ring has been in the process of creating the new image for this 2017 Broken Bow team, he's excited about the talent levels he has to work with.

Glennis Ring: We've got size we have speed we've run some different stuff then what they've had in the past but the kids have bought into it and we have some people on the edge who can go and have good depth of running backs and a good line up front.

Jori Parys: New program, new starters and a new district for coach Ring.  A district he knows is not an easy task to keep up with.

Glennis Ring: We don't know much about them. It's kind of a mystery but I know we play some good quality opponents so we're gonna have to work extra hard to stay in the league with those guys.

Jori Parys: Truly a new season and start for Broken Bow. 


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