Captain Shreve vs Haughton "Brotherton Bowl"

October 12, 2017 - The game tonight between captain shreve and haughton is being tabbed the brotherton bowl.. 
See the bucs are coached by jason brotherton.. and captain shreve's offensive coordinator.. 
Is his little brother coy
Jason Brotherton said, "You know it's fun in a way, but it's still kind of stressful. We talk every week, and we talk about football stuff. So, this is the week where we kind of put that on hold. It will be fun when it's over."

Coy Brotherton said, "We're probably each other's biggest supporters. Best friends. There's an age gap between us. He's seven years older than me, so as a kid I was always looking up to him. Wanted to be like him. There was no doubt. Our dad was a coach for 33 years, and that's what me and Jason were going to do. So, we do get to talk a lot of football, but we get to talk a lot of other things too."

Jason Brotherton said, "I'm sure we both slip up and say things we shouldn't tell each other. So, it's always, it's kind of like a spy game. Like who can get the most information out of the other one."

Coy Brotherton said, "I haven't had the bragging rights the last two years, so I'm kind of ready to get those bragging rights back. It won't be too much bragging rights. We'll kind of let each other off the hook a little bit."

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