Evangel 23 in 23

By Kamady Rudd | krudd@ktalnews.tv

Published 08/17 2014 09:12PM

Updated 08/18 2014 11:34AM

"Our kids are really focused. In 2014 trying to get our 14th state championship, so that’s been a focus for our guys," said Head Coach Byron Dawson.

Evangel High School is no stranger to championship banners. With a school of roughly 350 students the Eagles elected to play up this year, which means come playoff time they’ll play against 5A schools.

"Coach was saying it’s good to be able to play against the best, because what’s winning a championship if you’re not playing against the best," said Curry.

This years team is led by sophomore quarterback Conner Curry. His second year as a high schooler and second year as a starting quarterback.

"I learned a lot last season. Actually being in a game is a whole lot different than watching it in the stands. I feel like I’m getting more used to the system and becoming more comfortable," said Curry. 

Depth isn’t something Evangel’s worried about this year. It even rings true with the coaching staff. It wasn’t too long ago Coach Dawson was running through the smoke on Friday nights.

"It’s so exciting to be at your high school and be at a place that really shaped and formed you and be able to give back and help out. It just seems surreal to be out here working with these guys," said Coach Dawson. 

"He thinks like we think because he was in our shoes. He knows exactly what to say to get us fired up and everything," said Curry.

Having been there before Coach Dawson makes it a mission to inspire the team day in and day out.

"You know, we have some top secret stuff we do in the locker room, but we really try to make every game a championship. We walk through that walk of champions. Just walking through that hallway and seeing all those banners, all those championship teams, seeing the names of the players, if that doesn’t fire you up, I don’t know what will," said Coach Dawson.

The countdown begins, and in 3 weeks, the Eagles play their first “championship” against Riverside High School… 

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