Gray overcomes tumor to return to the Centenary basketball team

Jericho Gray's freshman season with the Centenary Gents started as many do. A young player trying to break into the starting line-up.

Chris Dorsey said, "He's just a great teammate. He's very encouraging to everyone. He's always positive, and then on top of it, he has an extremely great work ethic."

Mid-way through his freshman campaign, Gray's season took a turn. The guard started experiencing pain in his legs.

Jericho Gray said, "When they gave me X-Rays and MRI's and all of that, they didn't really know what it was, so I had to get further test over and over."

Those further tests revealed the diagnosis, osteoid osteoma. Benign bone tumors most commonly found in long bones like the femur or tibia. Gray underwent treatment to remove the tumors, but his freshman season was over.

Gray said, "I'm in the locker room just sitting there like 'Man, what am I going to do?'"

Sidelined and four hours from home, Gray turned to his new family, his teammates, for support.

Gray said, "They just brought me together and kept lifting me up throughout the year. Stay strong, stay positive because being negative in a situation just makes things worse

The rehab process was a long one.

Gray said, "Me never having a real serious injury or problem, I didn't know how to rehab myself. So, I took things slow."

Gray, now a sophomore, is back on the court.

Dorsey said, "The fact that he went through so much adversity over the summer and rehabbing and training, and trying to get back on the court again, it just speaks a lot, high volume, about the kid and his character and the type of person he is."

The 20 year old now is contributing something else to the team: perspective.

Gray said, "This year I've been, just every day you get, you go hard every day because you never know when your last time is going to be able to play because I never thought I'd have some tumors in my leg. I had never known that."

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